MY DIY Designs FAQs

Got questions? We've got answers!

Will the fonts work on my Mac?

Yes, they should. However, from personal experience, we have had issue with fonts initially working on our Mac, then suddenly not working. We are not sure why this happens but if you have a Mac and this happens, please contact us at so we can assist you. 


The file that I downloaded is a ZIP file. What is this?

A ZIP file is a format of compressing multiple files and/or large files so they can be easily transmitted, downloaded and emailed.


How do I open a ZIP File?

For a Window computer: Download the attachment, right click on the attachment and click on “extract all”. This option may read as something different depending on your version of Windows.

For a Mac computer: When you download the attachment, it will automatically unzip and you will be able to access the files. If the files does not automatically unzip, double click on the file and it should unzip.


How do I edit the Microsoft Word template?

Please read: My DIY Designs Basics: Editing Microsoft Word Templates


What type of paper do you recommend I use?

For invitations, announcements, greeting cards, etc., we recommend printing on 85lb or heavier WHITE card stock. Whether you use matte or glossy is completely up to you. We personally like to use glossy for files that include in photos and matte for non-photo files.

For printing t-shirt designs, we recommend using Avery Iron-on Transfer Paper.


How do I print my digital files?

To print your invitations, announcements, greeting cards, etc., you have several great options:

  1. Print them on card stock from your personal printer.
  2. Print them at a local print shop that accepts Microsoft Word files.

     To print your t-shirt designs, your options are:

    1. Print them from your personal printer using iron-on transfer paper. Then using your iron, iron the designs onto your t-shirt.
    2. Take them to a t-shirt print vendor.


    What envelopes do I need to buy for my invitation or greeting card?

    The best place to purchase your envelopes from is from a office supply store.

    • Envelopes for 4x6s: A6 (4.75" x 6.5")
    • Envelopes for 5x7s : A7 (5.25" x 7.25")
    • Envelopes for 4x8s: No.10 or standard letter-sized office envelopes (4.125" x 9.5")


    Do you text or colors customize the templates?

    Please contact us at for customization services.


    What are your Terms of Use?

    All digital files from My DIY Designs are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This means that sharing, reselling or mass distribution of your digital file(s) in any format is strictly prohibited. You MAY NOT share or post your digital file(s) on the Internet to pass off as your own work or designs. However, you are allowed to share the digital file on social media as well as print as many copies as you need ONLY to invite, promote or advertise your event or party. Thanks for understanding.


    Don't see the question you're looking for?

    Email us at with your question and we will have an answer for you within 48 hours.